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Licensed Private Hire, Airport & Business Travel.

Welcome to the Cory Cars website. It's just two pages but we hope to tell you everything you need to know. Cory Cars is run by Gregg Cory, an experienced professional driver with over fourteen years experience in private hire. Licensed with Three Rivers District Council in Rickmansworth - Cory Cars operates in the St Albans and Chiswell Green area. Gregg has held a clean licence for over twenty one years.

Cory Cars
                Car Hire - for Licensed Private Hire and Airport &
                Business Travel

Gregg helps with luggage & has extensive knowledge of alternative routes ensuring you get where you need to be on time, with no worries.

Having worked for four market leading taxi firms and gaining experience at Swift, driving brand new high end vehicles across the UK, Gregg is confident that he can help you.

The last thing you need when planning a holiday or business trip is having to worry about the taxi turning up late, or worse still not turning up at all.

We always turn up a few minutes early; we’ll chat if you want to or simply just get you where you’re going to, with no worries.

Cory Cars will collect you in a clean, comfortable estate car, plenty of room for four passengers and luggage

Because we are a small business with low overheads we can keep our rates competitive too. (see prices)

So the next time you need to get somewhere, let us help you by calling 07980 709001 or email  gregg@corycars.co.uk

No worries…..

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